CAF to Supply an Additional 5 Canberra Metro Trams

The Australian Capital Territory has extended its contract with CAF to supply an additional 5 trams equipped with OESS (On Board Energy Storage Systems) to run on catenary-free sections of the Canberra Metro.

These units will join the 14 trams previously delivered to Canberra.

Canberra MetroThe Canberra Metro bidirectional trams are based on CAF’s Urbos platform

Under the agreement, CAF will provide maintenance for the new units and will upgrade the previously delivered fleet with OESS. The new equipment will be similar to that on the new vehicles, and will allow the entire fleet to operate on catenary-free sections of the city’s light rail line.

The new trams have been purchased in response to the expected increase in passenger numbers in Canberra. They will run on the existing line linking Gungahlin to the centre of the Australian capital, as well as on its future extension.

Following the supply of the Newcastle tramway, which was commissioned in 2019 as the first catenary-free tramway in Australia, and the Parramatta tramway, which is scheduled to start operations in 2023-2024, this new tramway project will be CAF’s third OESS project in Australia.