InnoTrans 2022: PaxLife to Highlight Passenger-Related Services

Innotrans 2022: PaxLife Innovations to highlight passenger-related services combined in a single software platform – efficient, cost-effective, scalable.

PaxLife Innovations GmbH recognizes the growing challenge for transport operators to deliver, in a highly flexible, cost-effective and streamlined way, information and services that provide an exceptional passenger experience.

Passenger-Related ServicesYou can see the PaxLife Innovations Team at InnoTrans Berlin in Hall B, City Cube, Stand 200

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For this purpose, PaxLife Innovations proposes an entirely new approach:  Imagine all passenger information and onboard digital services implemented in software, capable of running on any vehicle. Imagine all passenger-related services, developed by you or provided by third parties, that you centrally control, update or customize with the click of a mouse via a cloud-based dashboard.  Passenger information, entertainment, WiFi, audience monetization, web-shop for the catering service or any sales in vehicles – all in software, all deployed remotely via the Cloud, all combined in a single platform. Efficient, cost-effective, scalable.

We welcome you for a demonstration on our stand Hall B, CityCube, Stand 200 to discover the unique advantages that our in-vehicle cloud hosting platform and innovative digital services bring:

  • Superior WiFi: leveraging on our partners’ expertise and embedded into our solution.
  • Passenger Information System: multi-fleet and multi-modal, generic, easy to use and to customize. It includes a flexible editor for operators to modify and adapt layouts, add additional media or develop audience monetization opportunities etc…Including display, audio and passenger devices integration.
  • Entertainment Services over WiFi: enable popular on-board streaming apps to work as if there are no bandwidth limitations; video streaming, uninterrupted live TV and live DAB+ radio: in short, enjoy much more of the standard Wi-Fi services you’re used to.
  • A web-shop for food & beverage sales to passengers: and a complete IT production infrastructure; this enables a data-driven catering service to adjust to item popularity, passenger feedback, and the inclusion of independent food & beverage sourcing for your operations.

Feel free to arrange a demo and a meeting with our team by contacting us at [email protected].

Whether you are looking to build or improve your WiFi, offer entertainment, develop efficient online catering or improve passenger information with a next gen system, PaxLife Innovations is your one-stop solution for delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for a passenger experience beyond industry standards. We look forward to meeting you!

This article was originally published by Paxlife Innovations.