Honolulu Rail System Commences Trial Runs

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation has announced that the trial testing phase for the first segment of the Honolulu Rail System commenced on 29 August 2022.

The trial runs will test all aspects of the trains, stations, systems and personnel and will include the simulation of emergency procedures.

This is the final stage of testing before the service will be put into operation.

Honolulu RailThe Honolulu Metro vehicles are designed to meet the needs of the city’s residents and tourists

During testing, multiple trains will operate along the tracks from Kualaka‘i to Hālawa. Once the system achieves operational readiness, it will be transferred to city’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) for the official launch of the rail service.

HART Executive Director and CEO Lori Kahikina said:

“This is a major milestone for the rail project, although the larger milestone will be when trial running is complete. Many tests will be performed and we expect some problems to be encountered, which is normal for a new system and is the reason the testing is being performed. We do not have a deadline for the completion of trial running, but we are hopeful of turning the first operating segment over to DTS by early next year.”

The Honolulu Metro is the first rail system to be constructed in Hawaii. It will operate using 20 four-car vehicles manufactured by Hitachi Rail that will each have capacity for more than 600 people.

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