Alstom to Electrify Barcelona’s Tram Connection with APS Technology

The Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM – Autoritat del Transport Metroplità) has awarded a contract to Alstom to electrify the first phase of Barcelona’s tram network connection using Alstom’s APS technology.

APS uses a ground-based dynamic feeding system that does not require obtrusive catenary contact lines.

Instead, power is supplied to the light rail vehicles through a segmented power rail. The rail is comprised of conductive segments that automatically switch on and off as the trams pass to ensure the system does not endanger pedestrians or road users.

Barcelona APSAPS preserves the beauty of urban environments by removing wayside infrastructure and obtrusive catenary contact lines and masts

Under the contract, Alstom will complete the necessary infrastructure work and will retrofit 18 trams from ATM’s current fleet.

This contract is part of the project to create a 3.9-kilometre connection with 6 new stops between Barcelona’s two existing tram networks, Trambaix and Trambesos.