Presto Geosystems Announces Launch of the New ATRA® Wall Key

Presto Geosystems, the leader in geocell technology, announces its newest innovation—the ATRA® Wall Key (patent pending), for their GEOWEB® Retaining Wall System.

The ATRA® Wall Key is a device used to connect adjacent GEOWEB Retaining Wall sections through the GEOWEB material slots (I-slots). The ATRA® Wall Key includes an integrated washer at the base of the handle for coverage of the I-slots when connecting adjacent wall sections, frictional barbs for an improved interlock with the GEOWEB sections, and an ergonomic handle with S-shaped contouring for ease of installation.

Presto Geosystems | ATRA Wall KeyATRA® Wall Key Unit (Tan & Green Options)

© Presto Geosystems

The ATRA® Wall Keys are the most effective way to connect the GEOWEB Retaining Wall sections, ensuring the long-term success of your project. Made of non-reactive, chemically inert high-density polyethylene, the wall keys provide a more secure and permanent mechanical connection over staples or zip ties, and they are the only geocell connector specifically designed for use in exposed wall face applications.

Presto Geosystem | Retaining Wall System - TanATRA Wall Key, connection of adjacent GEOWEB Retaining Wall sections

© Presto Geosystems

Formulated to withstand weathering and ultraviolet radiation, the wall keys will not corrode or photodegrade, even when exposed to harsh environments. Securing sections with the wall keys is faster than using staples or zip ties, requires no tools, and can be completed by one installer with one easy turn.

About Presto Geosystems

Presto Geosystems is the original inventor and global leader in geocell technology. Our patented GEOWEB® cellular confinement system has been installed on thousands of projects in every geographic region in the world, and is the only geocell technology that has stood the test of time for over forty years.

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