Spain: Madrid–Burgos High-Speed Line is Officially Inaugurated

This week saw the inauguration of the Madrid–Burgos high-speed line – an extension of the high-speed North line (LAV).

This extends the Spanish high-speed network by a further 87.25 kilometres.

The Madrid - Burgos high-speed line was officially inaugurated on 21 JulyThe Madrid – Burgos high-speed line was officially inaugurated on 21 July

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Passengers on the inaugural journey included His Majesty King Felipe VI, who also recently took part in the Madrid-Extremadura High-Speed ​​Line’s section one inaugural train journey.

46,000km of ERTMS/ETCS Level 2 technology was equipped on the Madrid-Burgos line by Alstom, which also installed 19,200 on-board units.

Luciano Barbieri, MD Signalling and Infrastructure, Alstom Spain, said:

“This project is a further step in achieving a rail network that applies the latest advances in signalling for more efficient and sustainable mobility.

“Alstom’s ERTMS/ETCS technology brings significant benefits in terms of interoperability, safety, system capacity, service reliability and energy efficiency.”

This work is part of a 2014/15 contract signed by an Alstom-led consortium to build and maintain the latest-generation signalling and telecommunications systems on the Valladolid-León and Venta de Baños-Burgos high-speed line.

The contract includes the project design, procurement, installation, commissioning and 20 year’s maintenance of the signalling, fixed telecommunication and automatic train protection (ATP) systems, centralised traffic control (CTC), security equipment, GSM-R communications equipment and infrastructure for trains and operators.