California High-Speed Rail Summer 2022 Construction Update

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has released a summer 2022 construction update to highlight progress on the state’s high-speed rail project.

The Authority has published a video detailing the latest on the major construction projects from Madera to Kern counties.

In Construction Package 1, preparations are underway to stress cables between the Cedar Viaduct’s double arches. This work will support the structure’s load and improve its stability.

California High Speed Rail ConstructionOn the Cedar Viaduct, the falsework has now been stripped away

© California High-Speed Rail Authority

Meanwhile, in Construction Packages 2–3, crews are building the falsework for the Hanford Viaduct, which will require more than 900 pre-cast girders, the first of which will be installed this summer.

In Construction Package 4, California Rail Builders have placed the final pre-cast girders in Kern County, marking a major construction milestone.

Work will now expand beyond the construction packages into the cities of Merced and Bakersfield. Geotechnical explorations are currently underway for this work and will continue into August 2022.

California High Speed Rail ConstructionGeotechnical explorations are now underway in Kern County

© California High-Speed Rail Authority

More than 119 miles are currently under construction in the Central Valley, with over 30 active construction sites contributing towards the California High-Speed Rail project.