CRRC Delivers New Chicago Metro Trains

Rolling stock manufacturer CRRC has delivered the first fully assembled and commissioned 7000-series metro train to the Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA).

The new vehicles are being mass-produced by CRRC Sifang America following CTA’s 2016 base order for 400 cars. The first commissioned vehicle has now been delivered to the CTA Rail Skokie Maintenance Facility, and a further 7 are expected to be delivered later this month.

CRRC ChicagoThe first fully assembled and commissioned 7000 series metro train has been successfully delivered to the CTA

The new 7000-series metro trains feature a distinct head shape with a blue hood and new head and tail lamps. Upon delivery, they will be put into service on eight metro lines in Chicago to replace the existing trains and provide a higher quality service with enhanced passenger facilities.

CRRC ChicagoTen of the 7000-series cars began testing on 21 April 2021

Upon winning the contract for the Chicago metro train project, CRRC built a rail vehicle assembly plant in Chicago to assemble the 7000-series trains. Local manufacturing and purchasing has supported local companies and created approximately 200 employment opportunities in Chicago.