CAF Begins Static Tests on Hydrogen Train Prototype

CAF has commenced static tests on the hydrogen-powered demonstrator train that is being developed for the FCH2Rail project.

To produce the hydrogen train prototype, a new power generation system has been installed within a RENFE Civia commuter train. The technology has been integrated into the vehicle’s existing traction system, enabling the train to use energy from both hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.

The vehicle will therefore be able to run in electric mode on electrified infrastructure and in hybrid mode on sections lacking overhead lines.

The start of these tests at the CAF plant in Zaragoza marks a major milestone in the FCH2RAIL project

The static tests are being conducted at CAF’s site in Zaragoza. To date, all equipment within the new fuel cell hybrid powerpack has been tested, and CAF has completed the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic work to install it. Tests will now be carried out on the integration of this new system.

Once the installation and integration of the new fuel cell hybrid powerpack have been tested, the first hydrogen refuelling process will take place. The hydrogen consumed during these tests will be renewably-sourced and supplied by Iberdrola.

These tests will ensure the hydrogen train prototype is in optimum condition to start dynamic testing on an external track, which is planned to begin in summer 2022.