Premium PSU Teams up with PSMA to Drive Power Electronics Forward

The leading power electronics company Premium PSU has joined forces with the PSMA organisation to take power electronics to the next level.

The company seeks to generate synergies with companies from many different areas to increase the solutions available in the market.

Premium PSU teams up with PSMA to drive power electronics forwardPremium PSU teams up with PSMA to drive power electronics forward

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PSMA (Power Sources Manufacturers Association) is a non-profit organisation based in the USA. The organisation works to enhance the reputation of its members and products and to educate the electronics industry, academia, government and industrial agencies about the relevance of all power sources and conversion devices.

Jordi Gazo, CEO of Premium PSU, said:

“Our company could not feel more identified with the spirit of this association. That is why we feel fortunate to be part of a community that represents the best international industrial companies.”

This article was originally published by Premium PSU.