United States: Amtrak Unveils New Locomotive Livery

The first locomotive to carry Amtrak’s new livery is making its inaugural journey across America.

Locomotive 309 is travelling from California from Delaware, where it will go through an acceptance process before entering service.

Locomotive 309 is the first unit to wear Amtrak's Phase VII livery.Locomotive 309 is the first unit to wear Amtrak’s Phase VII livery.

© Mike Armstrong for Amtrak

Phase VII is the seventh standard exterior design in Amtrak’s 50-year history and features the rail company’s well-known blue and reds, separated by white arcs.

The new design draws directly from the abstract ‘rails over the horizon’ theme found in Amtrak‘s Travelmark logo. Red was used at the front of the locomotive to add colour, while the darker blues were used strategically to accentuate the vehicle’s sleek form, Amtrak said.

The whites used are reflective – for added visibility and improved safety – and the national rail company has done away with metallic colours in order to improve repair work efficiency.

Stephen Gardner, CEO and President of Amtrak, said:

“Amtrak is in an exciting new era, with historic fleet investment under the American Jobs Act to purchase more new passenger locomotives and passenger railcars.

“We’re presented with the perfect opportunity to evolve our image as we grow as an essential part of the American transportation network and expand service in more cities across the country.

“We created this new look for our trains that reflects the transformation underway at Amtrak as we welcome back our loyal customers while introducing new generations to rail travel.”

Locomotive 309 is the tenth of 75 ALC-42 units being manufactured and delivered between now and 2025 by Siemens Mobility.

Built at the manufacturer’s California hub, they’re significantly more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, making them an important part of Amtrak’s sustainability initiative.

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