DB Speeds Up Project Implementation and Spends 2021’s Allocated Funds

(DB) has been able to reduce its residual expenditure on expansion projects by half a billion euros.

Deutsche Bahn headquarters in BerlinDeutsche Bahn headquarters in Berlin

© Deutsche Bahn AG | Volker Emersleben

This breaks a historical trend for Germany’s national rail company, which has repeatedly been criticised for not using up all available infrastructure expansion funds during the allotted timeframes.

Ronald Pofalla, Board Member for Infrastructure at Deutsche Bahn, said:

Changed framework conditions for pre-financing in project planning have also helped the turnaround. More federal funds have been drawn down year after year since 2015 thanks to improved management and project control in the infrastructure department.

In 2021, despite the consequences of the pandemic and the steadily increasing shortage of materials, reliable project implementation was established and DB plans to continue improving on the steps it has already made. 

Currently, the company reports, approximately 175 projects are being planned or already in progress.
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