IN PICTURES: Amtrak Unveils Interiors for New Acela Trains

The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak, and rolling stock manufacturer Alstom have reached a milestone in the project to put new Acela trainsets into passenger service.

Together they have unveiled the interiors of the fleet that will carry passengers on the Northeast Corridor (NEC), connecting New York, Washington and Boston. This milestone was marked with a media event in Philadelphia.

Amtrak says these new interiors demonstrate that the new Acela “offers enhancements in comfort, technology, innovation, and safety on Amtrak’s most environmentally sustainable fleet of trains to date”.

Amtrak Acela café carAmtrak Acela café car

© Amtrak

The café car will feature a self-select and check-out option, a standing area with hip rests and power sockets as well as passenger information screens.

Amtrak Acela accessible restroomAmtrak Acela accessible restroom

© Amtrak

The washrooms are designed with accessibility in mind. They have a 60in turning circle, a changing table, touchless features and automatic doors for easier access.

Amtrak Acela Business ClassAmtrak Acela Business Class

© Amtrak

The Business Class cars feature a blue interior. Passengers will have access to complementary wifi.

Amtrak Acela First ClassAmtrak Acela First Class

© Amtrak

The First Class cars have a red interior. They offer more space, leg room and a greater number of personal tray tables.

Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner said:

“Between the sleek design of their interiors, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable amenities, and innovative safety features, our new Acela trains will help revolutionize American train travel.

“Thanks to Senator Schumer’s strong leadership and commitment to improving high-speed rail and Amtrak service in the New York and throughout the nation, and the hard work of Alstom, Amtrak employees and our other partners, travelers will experience improved, modern, and smoother service on the Northeast Corridor and provide this country with the type of modern train travel we deserve when these trains are ready for service next year.”