Masats Presents the New RF3+ Contactless Ramp

In last edition of Rail Live we presented the new RF3+ rail ramp, which allows the transit of users in a safe and functional way.

It consists of an access device that integrates a contact-free sensor system, which allows the ramp to deploy automatically, operating in three different modes in accordance with the signals received. In this way, the device detects the position of the platform and deploys accordingly as a ramp, step, or gap filler.

Masats RF3 Contactless RampMasats RF3 Contactless Ramp

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The ramp provides a high level of safety for all passengers, especially for PRM persons, as it operates automatically. Other advantages are the speed of operation, adaptation to all types of platforms, and ease of assembly. Its electronic control unit allows CAN communication and data collection for predictive maintenance.

This article was originally published by Masats.