Russia: Driverless Trams to Arrive in Moscow Within a Year

The Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport has announced that he aims to begin testing driverless trams in Moscow at the end of this year / early 2023.

He shared this view at an event entitled Robots in the City: The Future of Megacities with Autonomous Transport run by the Noôdome community.

Driverless trams coming to MoscowDriverless trams coming to Moscow

© Moscow Metro

Moscow for Transport is working with Yandex on the driverless tram project. They plan to test the trams first in depots and then on the network late at night. The last stage of testing will see driverless trams carry passengers.

There is also interest in introducing driverless technologies on other forms of transport across the city.

This includes a trial for driverless taxis, and Russian Railways plans to reduce headway to three minutes or less with automated control technologies on the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

At the event, the Deputy Mayor noted that the safety of passengers and pedestrians was of the utmost priority when testing driverless technologies.

He said that strict rules have been developed to regulate the data transfer concerning the movement of driverless transport and the interaction of institutions carrying out pilot projects.