Germany: Deutsche Bahn’s Modernisation Programme Renovates Over 1,000 Stations

Over 1,000 stations across Germany were renovated last year as part of Deutsche Bahn’s modernisation programme.

This work has benefited 13.4 million travellers.

Berlin Central Station during the coronavirus pandemicBerlin Central Station during the coronavirus pandemic

© Deutsche Bahn AG | Volker Emersleben

Launched in May 2021, the programme has seen DB invest 120m euros (135.59m USD) into improving the appearance and comfort of its stations.

This money has gone towards improvements such as 400 new benches and 100 additional weather shelters, benefiting roughly 900 craft businesses.

Over 100,000 litres of paint have also been used to refresh the look of the stations.

As a way of improving sustainability, work has also including converting roughly 90 stations to LED lighting and replacing approximately 50 of its least energy-efficient heating systems.

The project included a range of improvements to stations across the country that would improve not only the look of the facilities but also their accessibility.

For example, DB redesigned the staircases, floors and ceilings and laid new tiles at the Munich Donnersbergerbrücke train station, while Göttingen Hauptbahnhof received new wheelchair lifting devices and benches.