E-Class Trams Begin Operation on Melbourne’s Route 58 this Month

Melbourne’s tram network is receiving a boost to its capacity and accessibility as new E-Class trams enter passenger service on Route 58 this month.

The latest and largest low-floor, Melbourne-built E-Class trams carry up to 210 passengers and will operate between West Coburg and Toorak from 19 December.

They will join the high-floor B-Class trams on the 18-kilometre route, increasing capacity from 3,000 to 4,500 people during peak times.

An E-Class tram operating in MelbourneAn E-Class tram operating in Melbourne

In addition to improving capacity by 50%, there will be dedicated spaces for passengers with mobility aids or prams.

Other routes will also benefit from the arrival of the E-Class Trams, as the route’s current low-floor D-Class trams will move to Route 6 (Moreland to Glen Iris), Route 16 (Melbourne University to Kew) and Route 5 (Melbourne University to Malvern).

The addition of the new E-Class trams on Route 58 follows an upgrade of the Toorak Station tram stop to a level access platform stop this June.

Further work is planned for February, when the tram stop at Collins and Williams Street in the central business district (CBD) will also be transformed into a level-access platform stop.

This is the latest fleet of E-Class trams to operate on Melbourne’s tram network. The first entered passenger service back in 2017 and plans are afoot for a new generation of trams to join the network in a few years’ time.

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