Fully Automated, Driverless Monorail Enters Service in Wuhan

China’s first fully automated, driverless elevated monorail has entered passenger service in Wuhan.

The monorail fleet consists of 28 six-car Innovia monorail trains, which are now operating on Line 1. The system is equipped with ATO GoA 4, the highest grade of automation.  This grade of automation allows the trains to operate without a driver or attendants.

Alstom Innovia monorail Wuhan
Fully automated, driverless monorail enters service in Wuhan, China

© Alstom

Both the Innovia monorail platform and the 168 cars were provided by Alstom’s Chinese JV CRRC Puzhen Bombardier Transportation Systems. The Cityflo 650 signalling system was supplied by Bombardier NUG Signalling Solutions Company, Alstom’s signalling JV in China following its acquisition of Bombardier Transportation in January 2021. Alstom’s propulsion JV in China, Bombardier NUG Propulsion Systems, supplied the Mitrac propulsion equipment for the Innovia monorail trains.
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