Enhanced Passenger Information Service Trialled by Network Rail and GWR

Network Rail and GWR have begun trialling a new information service designed to enable passengers to make more informed decisions when travelling by rail.

Example of a rainbow board displayed in a station
Example of a rainbow board displayed in a station

© Network Rail

The trial covers services on Network Rail’s Western route from Paddington to Penzance and includes services in Devon, Cornwall, Oxfordshire, Thames Valley, the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and South Wales.

The new passenger information service consists of rainbow boards similar to those used by London Underground. Simple colour coding will be used to highlight the condition of services, informing customers of any potential disruptions or delays.

The enhanced information service also includes short, weather report-like updates on Network Rail West and GWR’s Twitter accounts.

These have been developed to reduce passenger frustration when incidents occur by allowing them to better understand the extent of the problem/disruption and how they might be affected.

The trial will run until late November.
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