RIA: UK Government Must Publish Rail Network Enhancements Pipeline Update

The Railway Industry Association (RIA) is asking the UK government to publish an update of its Rail Network Enhancement Pipeline (RNEP) urgently.

Work to reconstruct Dantzic St bridgeWork to reconstruct Dantzic St bridge

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This is the list of railway improvements, estimated to cost approximately nine billion GBP (10.65bn euros | 12.39bn USD), that Network Rail is expected to deliver during Control Period 6 (CP6).

The RNEP previously contained roughly 60 enhancement projects including the Transpennine Route Upgrade and Heathrow Rail Link. Some of these have seen progress announcements, while others have not.

The Department for Transport (DfT) had pledged to update the RNEP annually, but it has now been two years since the last release.

The RIA says this delay has resulted in a minimum of one billion GBP (1.18bn euros | 1.37bn USD) being cut from the UK’s rail enhancements budget as it is now impossible to deliver the planned investments by the time CP6 ends in March 2024.

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