Klas Enhances Onboard Connectivity Options for Train Operators

At Sifer 2021, Klas will showcase its latest connectivity options for rail operators, from 5G mobile connectivity with 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks on trains to enhanced LTE options that increase the available mobile bandwidth for both operations and passenger services.

Klas, a global leader in edge intelligence solutions, announced new functionality in its connectivity modules for its TRX Connected Transportation Platform: a combined hardware and software approach to transportation connectivity.On Board ConnectivityThe TRX R6 is a compute connectivity gateway that supports multiple backhaul options such as Wi-Fi, LTE, and now 5G. With the latest modem offerings and compute power, rail operators can easily deploy digital transformation technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence onboard trains with seamless and low latency connectivity to the cloud or to their network operation centres.On Board ConnectivityThe TRX R6 is underpinned by KlasOS Keel, a lightweight operating system featuring a virtualisation platform for the ease of running onboard software without additional hardware. Furthermore, Keel facilitates the management of data transmission over multiple mobile networks, which now includes 5G, all within a single solution.
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