Hitachi Rail Aims to Improve America’s Rail Network

Hitachi Rail is displaying a series of new products aimed at freight railroads and passenger rail operators at the Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc. (RSSI) C&S Exhibition this week.

The new offerings demonstrate Hitachi Rail’s commitment to being a full-service provider and include its improved Model 95-E gate crossing mechanism, a new Vital Onboard Train Control platform, an advanced ViPro® Vital Processor and new signal design and material packages.

Hitachi RailHitachi Rail

The improved Model 95-E gate crossing mechanism features a new electronic control module and dustless motor technology that eliminates maintenance problems, while the new signal design and material packages have been specifically designed to provide engineering services and turnkey wired signal houses for wayside signalling and crossing locations.

Hitachi Rail’s new Vital Onboard Train Control platform has been designed for current train control applications and future applications in both freight and passenger, while the ViPro Vital Processor combines core train control capabilities with next-generation communications, monitoring and analytics.