griwephon hydrophob Sound Deadening Mass

Sound Pollution in Railway Transportation – A Thing of the Past With griwephon hydrophob

griwephon hydrophob AN2-800

griwephon hydrophob sound deadening mass is a waterproof, solvent free deadening material based on an aqueous synthetic resin dispersion, with a very high acoustic effectiveness, as well as insulating properties.

griwephon hydrophob sound deadening mass complies with the EN 45545 requirement set R1, R2, R3, R6, R7, R17 with the Hazard Level HL1, HL2, HL3. The deadening material dries quickly up to a thickness of approximately 5mm with very good adhesion properties on many different surfaces.

griwephon hydrophob

The sound deadening mass has served for many years in the global railway industry. It’s approved and applied in Europe by Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, Stadler and more, as well as the Chinese Highspeed Trains such as the CRRC.

griwephon hydrophob AN2-800 is a special version for railway vehicles and certified according to:

  • EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015
  • DIN EN ISO 6721-3
  • British Standard BS 6853 Annex D 8.4
  • British Standard BS 476-6
  • British Standard BS 476-7
  • NF X70-100:2006 French Standard NF F16-101
  • NF X10-702:1995 French Standard NF F16-101
  • NF P92-501:1985 French Standard NF F16-101
  • NF P92-507:2004 French Standard NF F16-101
  • Certyfikat Zgodnosci (Poland)


  • Waterproof
  • Solvent free
  • Very high acoustic effectiveness
  • Heat insulating properties
  • Low flammability according to DIN 5510 part 2, flammability category S 4
  • Toxicity area-based according to British Standard BS 6853 Annex B.2 Bayer, test report no. 04/441
  • Excellent adhesion properties

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