London King’s Cross Track Upgrade Reaches Final Stage

Work is underway on the final stage of a major project to transform the track layout of London King’s Cross.

Part of Network Rail’s 1.2bn GBP (1.39bn euros | 1.69bn USD) East Coast upgrade, teams at King’s Cross have already lifted the complex track, which was laid over 40 years ago.

London King's Cross
London King’s Cross

During the past two months around 2,800 metres of track, which makes up the new, redesigned layout, have been installed. A major milestone was reached in April, when platforms 0–6 reopened and work began on platforms 7–11.

As well as improvements to the track, the Gasworks Tunnel just outside King’s Cross has reopened after 44 years of closure. This provides two additional tracks to allow more trains to run in and out of the station.