S3 Passenger First Inventory Management System to Implement OSDM Standard Managed by UIC and FSM-Initiative

About OSDM:

The aims of the Open Sales and Distribution Model (OSDM) are twofold:

  1. to substantially simplify the booking process for customers of public transport trips and,
  2. to lower complexity and distribution costs for distributors and carriers.

OSDM strengthens rail and public transport as a convenient and ecological means of transportation by simplifying distribution. Finally, it lays a solid foundation which can be extended to the distribution of other means of transportation.

OSDM is a sector approach. The existing commercial products and online distribution/carrier systems of Railways such as BENE, CD, DB, DSB, öBB, PKP IC, RENFE, Rail Delivery Group, SBB, SJ, SNCF, Trenitalia and others as well as distribution solutions provided by Amadeus, Sabre, SilverRail, Sqills, Trainline, Travelport and others were carefully studied to guarantee interworking with this upcoming standard. Furthermore, the Hermes/Hosa ecosystem for reservations as well as existing UIC leaflets were carefully examined and considered while designing the API.
The OSDM specification consists of two parts: Offline Model and Online API.

The OSDM specifications and APIs are Open Source and freely available to all parties interested at https://unioninternationalcheminsdefer.github.io/OSDM/.

This article was originally published by Sqills.

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