Shippers and Short-Line Railroads Express Support for the CP-KCS Combination

More than 250 shippers, railroads, ports, chambers of commerce and other entities have written letters of support for the Canadian Pacific-Kansas City Southern merger to the Surface Transportation Board.

Many of the entities signed a pre-drafted letter that highlights what CP and KCS feel are their strongest cards for persuading the Surface Transportation Board that it should approve the deal: the potential to fuel economic growth and reduce freight congestion and, importantly, to “{strengthen} competition in the freight transport marketplace” – this latter one being a key issue the STB will investigate. The letter also states that it is “important that there be a true USMCA railroad option”.

Canadian Pacific was keen to point out that a number of other railroads expressed their support for the merger, including the largest short-line holding railroad company, Genesee & Wyoming, in the US.

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