US Senate Confirms Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary

On 2 February the United States Senate confirmed Pete Buttigieg as the new transportation secretary for the Biden Administration.

The vote was 86 in favour, 13 against, 1 abstention. All 48 Democratic senators and both Independents voted Yea, while 36 of the Republican senators voted Yea, with the remaining 14 voting Nay or not voting.

Mr Buttigieg said he was “honored and humbled” and “ready to get to work”.

Pete Buttigieg confirmed
Pete Buttigieg on Twitter

Pete Buttigieg is the first openly gay cabinet secretary to be confirmed. Previously the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Mr Buttigieg will now be responsible for the US Department of Transportation and play a key role in getting the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan through Congress. Joe Biden has proposed a 2 trillion USD infrastructure plan that includes the goal of providing “every American city with 100,000 or more residents with high-quality, zero-emissions public transportation options through flexible federal investments with strong labor protections that create good, union jobs and meet the needs of these cities – ranging from light rail networks to improving existing transit and bus lines to installing infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists”. This plan is in line with President Biden’s statement that “When I think of climate change I think of jobs”.

Biden: When I think of climate change I think of jobs
Biden: “When I think of climate change I think of jobs.”

Members of the US rail industry welcomed the successful confirmation.