Bombardier to Supply Three Additional Trains to SNCF

Once delivered to the Île-de-France region, there will be 145 new-generation Bombardier trains on the network. 73 will run on the N-Line.

The design of the OMNEO Regio 2N trains is such that there will be alternating single and double-decker coaches in order to maximise capacity while also keeping the trains accessible.

The single-decker coaches will also have level access and two doors per side. To make it easier for passengers to move from one coach to another, they have wide gangways. These features are designed to aid passenger flow and improve passenger distribution throughout the train. This will in turn cut down dwell time at stations, allowing for a more frequent service.

The OMNEO Regio 2N trains have a higher capacity than the trains they are replacing – the Z2N and the VB2N. Each one can carry up to 2,100 passengers in double formation.