Alstom Citadis X05 Trams Enter Service in Kaohsiung

The trams are fully low floor. They have double doors for better accessibility and passenger flow. They also have large bay windows, ergonomic, spacious seats and large passenger information displays.

The Citadis trams use ground charging coupled with Citadis Ecopack technology. One of the ways in which Alstom has increased the efficiency of these trams is by equipping them with permanent-magnet motors.

Eight different Alstom sites in France were involved in the production of these trams:

  • La Rochelle: design and assembly
  • Aix en Provence: safety control system
  • Le Creusot: bogies
  • Ornans: motors
  • Tarbes: traction system equipment
  • Valenciennes: interior design
  • Villeurbanne: on-board electronics
  • Vitrolles: on-board power supply switching boxes

Sesto in Italy contributed to the traction system equipment, and the Taiwan team conducted the on-site testing, training and warranty services.

Other cities operating Citadis X05 trams are Athens, Frankfurt, Paris and Sydney.

The first rolling stock to operate on the line in 2015 were CAF Urbos trams.