RMT calls for urgent meeting with Network Rail’s Hendy

THE RMT is calling for an urgent meeting with Network chairman Sir Peter Hendy to discuss Christmas transport plans, which he has been preparing.

Sir Peter has a history of co-ordinating major transport arrangements. In 2012 he was in charge of organising the successful transport strategy for the London Olympics.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘RMT supports the railway in playing its role in ensuring that people can see their loved ones this Christmas and we are now seeking urgent talks with Sir Peter Hendy to ensure that this is carefully and properly planned to protect the safety of both workers and passengers alike.‎

‘We know that the Government has a track record of operating on the hoof throughout this pandemic and just three weeks away we cannot allow Christmas travel plans to fall ‎foul of that slap dash approach. Operational and safety arrangements need to be discussed and agreed with the unions as a matter of urgency. ’

The union wants all operational plans to be fully discussed and agreed in advance, increased police enforcement and penalties for passengers not obeying the rules, early action to limit passenger numbers to a safe level, and a firm message that the abuse of staff won’t be tolerated and that those responsible will be prosecuted.

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