CFL cargo Buys 10 Bombardier TRAXX MS Locomotives

The Luxembourg-based CFL cargo has ordered 10 Bombardier Transportation TRAXX MS locomotives as part of its strategy to expand further into the European rail market.

The multi-system locomotives, which can operate under both AC and DC electrification of different voltages (15kV and 25kV AC and 1.5kV and 3kV DC) will allow CFL cargo to run non-stop services between central Europe and France.

A Bombardier TRAXX multi-system locomotive
A Bombardier TRAXX multi-system locomotive

© Bombardier

Bombardier’s TRAXX MS locomotives will be authorised to operate in Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Austria, Belgium and France. A number of the 10 locomotives for CFL cargo will be equipped with a last-mile diesel engine as oftentimes terminals and other destination sites are not electrified.