Alstom Now Fully Certified for Latest Onboard and Trackside ETCS Standards

ETCS is a highly efficient train control system. It cuts down maintenance costs and delivers improvements in safety, reliability, punctuality and capacity. Consequently, ETCS is being used more and more outside of Europe, for example in countries like Australia, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia.

The first project that will see latest standards are the Monza-Chiasso line in Italy, which is also the first one to feature the technology on a conventional railway line. It will become operational in the summer of 2021. The next will be the very high-speed line between Paris and Lyon, with the system entering revenue service in 2024.

Alstom’s ETCS solution is called Atlas. The company has equipped 18,000km of tracks worldwide. Alstom is also involved in the first application of ETCS Level 3 in Germany.

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