Global Railcar Mover Group Expands the Definition of Safety

In a time when safety extends far beyond automatic shutoffs and signal lights, to the lives and livelihoods of so many, the Global Railcar Mover Group is proud to meet these new challenges.

This year has brought forth adversity in the form of a global pandemic, the likes of which the world has not seen in more than a century, if ever.

Nevertheless, Trackmobile, Zephir S.p.A. and LEAF Locomotive have weathered the storm and thrived under the aegis of the Global Railcar Mover Group. As essential businesses, all three companies have continued to produce high-quality equipment designed to keep the economy in motion, while also prioritising employee safety. From complying with the Italian government’s quarantine requirements to implementing new health and safety procedures in manufacturing facilities, the Global Railcar Mover Group has continued to pursue two of its founding principles: innovation and safety.

Along with caring for employees, the Global Railcar Mover Group has continued to care for customers, most of whom are essential businesses themselves. In the interest of preserving essential industries and ensuring the continued flow of commerce for overall economic health, sales and support have remained available to all new and prospective clients. In North America, where railroads are still the lifeblood of the economy in so many ways, companies that rely on railcar movers and locomotives have to stay operational. The Global Railcar Mover Group has always promised reliability, high uptime, and continuous customer support. Now more than ever, those promises are vital.

Recent circumstances have made it difficult to shop for new equipment or cope with equipment malfunctions. Economic stressors have created very little room for error, especially in those industries and businesses that provide essential goods and services. The Global Railcar Mover Group’s strong international dealer network aims to make these unavoidable events as stress-free as possible. Particularly in North America, dealers and authorised service technicians are never far away.