Frauscher Advanced Counter: Stable Concept, Flexible System

Ever Ready: Increased Availability

Especially when the FAdC is used in the field of SIL 4 applications, availability is a key factor. For this reason, not only have a variety of redundancy concepts been developed over the years, but also some specific functions that further improve system availability.

Autocorrection on the Track:

The Supervisor Track Section function, abbreviated to STS, is an automated fault correction process. Every two track sections are overlaid by a supervisor section. Consequently, it is possible for a faulty track section to be reset automatically, without manual intervention, if the corresponding supervisor section is clear. Similarly, a faulty supervisor section is reset if the two corresponding track sections are clear.

Counting the Items That Really Count:

The Counting Head Control CHC principle avoids fault messages being generated by unavoidable factors. If the adjacent track sections are clear, the counting head is switched to a stand-by mode. In this idle state, a freely configurable number of undesirable instances of damping can be suppressed. Short-term influences do not generate a malfunction or occupied notification: there is no need for a reset. Approaching vehicles switch off the standby mode, meaning that they are detected and the occupied indication is output in a fail-safe manner.

The FAdC delivers data reliably even in challenging circumstances.

Track More with Less

  • Choice of parallel/serial interface
  • Serial protocol Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE available
  • Custom protocols can be implemented
  • Flexible architectures are possible

Special Solution: Push Trolley Algorithm

The FAdC makes highly market-specific adaptations possible as well as higher-level solutions. Frauscher has had a presence and a base in India since 2013, and the Indian railway industry needed a marketspecific adaptation. The team on the ground in India has meanwhile expanded to around a hundred people, and they are familiar with all the specific detail of that market. One element of this is dealing with what are known as push trolleys.