Alstom Delivers 55m Citadis Trams to Dublin

As part of a partnership with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) and the National Transport Authority (NTA), Alstom has delivered the first of eight Citadis trams to Dublin. The project also involves Alstom extending a further 28 vehicles already operating on the network.

Alstom manufactured these first two tram at its facility in La Rochelle. They were then shipped to Ireland and assembled in Transdev’s depot at Sandyford – Transdev operates the tram network in Dublin. Both of these Citadis trams will enter service today (29 July).

Citadis Trams for Dublin

All eight trams in this order will be 55m long, making them the longest single-unit Citadis trams in the world. The 28 trams that are to be extended will be lengthened from their existing 30m to 55m also.


The agreement with the TII and NTA will see Alstom equipping some of Dublin’s trams with its eMapping technology. Four trams will feature it by the end of 2020. These remote sensors will collect data on energy usage. The TII wants to work with Alstom to use that data to make the city’s trams more energy-efficient.