Torrent Trackside Invests in a New Fleet of Pandrol CD400SP Clipping Machines

Torrent Trackside in the UK is investing heavily in the latest equipment designed to get projects completed safer, quicker and to budget. As part of this investment Torrent Trackside has recently acquired a fleet of Pandrol CD400SP clipping machines which are now available for hire. The CD400SP is an efficient and powerful machine designed to clip and declip Pandrol Fastclips. The machine is controlled by a single walk behind operator, via an easy to use handheld remote control attached to the clipper.

The clipping capacity is approximately 30 sleepers per minute and the machine can simultaneously install 4 clips per cycle. Accuracy is guaranteed by innovative proximity sensors and guiding rollers which centre the machine for optimum precision. The machine can also lift sleepers up to a height of 350mm. The CD400SP has numerous safety features. The walk behind operation eliminates HAVs and the quieter operation assists concentration and comfort.