SBCTA Board Explores Privately Funded High-Speed Rail

One month earlier the SBCTA Board asked employees to evaluate the feasibility of tunnelling between Rancho Cucamonga station and Ontario International Airport (also in San Bernardino County, California). The Boring Co. submitted an unsolicited proposal to build this tunnel to increase connectivity to the airport. Should the tunnel be a viable prospect, the Board will entertain the idea of starting a competitive procurement process.

What Is Xpress West?

The rights for the high-speed rail proposal belong to Virgin Trains USA, which operates what was formerly the Brightline service in Florida. XpressWest is hoping to break ground in the second half of 2020. The initial phase will feature a 170-mile railway line that will run electric trains at speeds of 200mph.

Currently, 85 percent of trips between the two terminuses are made by car. The train journey would take 85 minutes, more than halving travel times compared to driving. The goal would also be to price tickets competitively so that taking the train would be cheaper than the combined cost of fuel and parking.

The goal timeline would see services commence in 2023.