Hungarian Railways Orders 4 Additional Tram-Trains

Stadler’s CITYLINK for Hungary

Stadler’s bidirectional CITYLINK tram-trains will connect the two tram systems of Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely without the need for switching vehicles. This will be beneficial to passengers, many of whom commute daily between the two cities. The initial eight vehicles will be able to serve a 20-minute frequency timetable. Once these new four units enter service, that frequency can be increased to a service every 15 minutes.

The tram-trains will run electrically using 600V DC overhead lines on the tram networks of the two cities. When they’re running on the mainline between the two cities, they will run on diesel fuel. Each tram-train will be equipped with two low-emission diesel power packs rated at 390kW.

To maximise accessibility, the tram-trains will have doors at different heights. This means the current platform heights will not have to be changed. The tram-trains will also have sliding ramps.

Each unit will be 37.2m long and 2.65m wide with a capacity of 220, 92 of them seated.

Other countries using Stadler’s CITYLINK tram-trains are Germany, Spain, Mexico, England and, shortly, Wales.

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