HS2 Adopts Emissions Identification Scheme as Green Measure

Each machine will be equipped with a unique colour-coded label that contains a QR code. When scanned, the QR code reveals full emissions data. This is a huge time and cost savings compared to what previously had to be done, namely that the inspecting individual had to look under the bonnet for the engine plate in order to determine compliance. When a site is inspected where the machinery is in use, this method means that the machines need to be stopped and cooled before they can be checked.

Being such a major and long-term infrastructure project, HS2 has the ability to shape the construction sector in a number of ways and recommending the adoption of the scheme to contractors and supply chains is one of them. HS2 reports that a number of contractors are in talks to adopt the new scheme.

JCB and Hitachi Construction Equipment have gone ahead with the scheme and are now factory fitting the system to all their machines in the UK and Ireland.
source= https://railway-news.com/hs2-emissions-identification-scheme/

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