More Regional Rail Services as Germany Loosens Coronavirus Restrictions

In southern Germany (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) the number of rail connections in regional and S-Bahn services run by DB Regio AG will increase with the regular timetable becoming effective again as of 20 April.

However, this relaxation of measures goes hand-in-hand with chancellor Merkel’s appeal to the population to wear a mask while out in public, particularly in those areas where the minimum distance of 1.5m cannot be guaranteed, i.e. on public transport. Merkel’s government did not make this measure mandatory. However, some states, such as Saxony have and others, like Bavaria, will follow suit. All passengers using public transport in Saxony and Thuringia need to cover their mouth and nose. Regional services here will gradually increase from 4 May.

Merkel and other members of government, such as minister presidents of Germany’s federal states, will address the public again on 30 April to review the effect of the measures so far and to make adjustments. This means the next potential relaxation of restrictions will become effective on 4 May.

Similar measures with slight variations in timings are in place throughout the country. However, Merkel was keen to stress that the effect of any measure taken today could only be seen in 14 days, therefore caution is paramount.

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