OEBB: Rail Freight Best Option in Light of Road Freight Restrictions

Increased Capacity for Essity Austria

There is also an increased demand for toilet paper. The sanitary goods manufacturer Essity Austria is meeting this demand by producing record quantities. The current delivery record lies at 6,000 pallets and the national and international supply of this product is being ensured by a 15 percent increase in capacity with OEBB Rail Cargo Group. As a result of the international import restrictions affecting road freight, several deliveries to Germany as well as to Croatia and Serbia have been moved to rail. An additional 280 tons per week and 75 wagons total so far were made available within days of the request. The supply of raw materials such as cellulose and recycled paper will be guaranteed by rail transports over the coming weeks and months.


The Austrian food producer Landena was able to maintain its flow of goods despite the border restrictions for lorries coming out of Italy, thanks to using OEBB’s Rail Cargo Group. In less than a week after making the enquiry the first wagon containing tomato products was delivered to Landena. A total volume of 48 tons is being moved by rail from Desio to Bischofshofen before being sent to the company premises in Stainach. This means the company can continue manufacturing its tomato sauces without interruption. My shifting cargo to rail, the freight transports from Italy remain secure. This is an efficient alternative compared to the international road freight option with its current restrictions.

Julius Meinl

The Austrian company Julius Meinl commissioned OEBB Rail Cargo Group to transport seven cars containing coffee from the Italian logistics centre in Santo Stino di Livenza to Vienna. This is equivalent to 14 lorry-loads. The family-run business, which is interested in sustainability, is pleased about the associated reduction in the greenhouse gases emitted during transport and the avoidance of carbon emissions during waits at the border. Shifting freight to rail allows the company to maintain its flow of goods despite the current border restrictions.

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