TMH Wins Sofia Metro Refurbishment Contract

Transmashholding is pleased about this additional option with Sofia Metro as it is evidence of its customer’s satisfaction with the core contract.

MWM will break the project down into three phases: during the first and second phases it will modernise three 4-car trains each (i.e. 2 x 12 cars). In the third phase then it will do the same for four 4-car trains (16 cars). Each phase will take up to a year. Removing these vehicles from passenger operations will put pressure on the city’s transport network. Consequently MWM, the original manufacturer of the vehicles, will do all it can to keep the turnaround times as short as possible without compromising quality.

Most of the equipment, the exterior and the interior of the trains will undergo modernisation. The trains will get new wheelsets with anti-skid protection, new coupling mechanisms, fire safety-compliant trim materials, injury-free windows, new seats, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, LED passenger information displays, and warm-to-touch handrails. The head cars will also get accessible zones.

These refurbishment works will increase the lifespan of the metro vehicles by 15 years. In addition, they will improve the passenger experience, reduce running costs and reduce maintenance requirements.

Sofia Metro and Metrowagonmash have been in partnership since the metro opened in 1998. The metro’s fleet now numbers 168 units. As a result of this contract option more than 25 percent of the fleet will undergo refurbishment.

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