Dutch Premiere: Train with ATO Carries Passengers

The train is equipped with Grade of Automation 2 (GoA 2). This means a train is capable of driving and stopping on its own. Furthermore an ATO train can stop in exact spots at stations. The train in question was a Stadler diesel-electric GTW, which Arriva Nederland made available. Safety is guaranteed since the train possesses a train protection system and the on-board train driver can also intervene at any point.

ATO Testing in Groningen

The tests in Groningen have been running since October 2019. They break down into three phases. This current phase is the second phase and is involves passengers for the first time. The aim of the project is to observe human behaviour during automatic train operation. A further objective is to determine the potential of the technology with regard to increasing capacity and obtaining energy savings. Lastly, the tests will reveal the train’s stopping accuracy, punctuality, speed, safety and passenger comfort.

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