CERTIFER Group Enters German-Speaking Market


Headquartered in Valenciennes, CERTIFER is a leading global player specialised in railway and urban transportation. Founded in France in 1997, CERTIFER has developed its expertise by providing inspection, certification, test Organisation and testing services in 50 countries all over the world. CERTIFER is a Group of 11 entities worldwide composed of CERTIFER SA (Headquarters in France), CERTIFER ALGÉRIE (Alger), AMERICA LATINA (Sao Paolo), ASIA (Hanoi), ASIA PACIFIC (Hong Kong), AUSTRALIA (Sydney), BELGORAIL (Brussels and Madrid), CHINA (Shanghai), MIDDLE EAST (Dubai), and TÜRKIYE (Ankara).

CERTIFER is accredited in accordance with 17020 Type A and 17065 and holds national recognitions as DeBo in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Algeria and Turkey; AEO in Australia; and ISA in Dubai, Denmark and India. Within the CERTIFER Group, CERTIFER SA, CERTIFER ITALIA AND BELGORAIL are Notified Bodies (NoBo).

CERTIFER logoAbout AEbt

Headquartered in Nuremberg, AEbt was founded by Norbert Schäfer in 2002 and specialises in inspection, certification and testing services for rail and urban transportation. It also has a training academy, AEbt Akademie. With a team of 50 people, AEbt has extensive experience in rolling stock and on-board control, command and signalling. Apart from its headquarters, AEbt owns 100% of AEbt Schweiz GmbH, and 70% of ERC, a Notified Body (NoBo) in Austria, with a subsidiary in Istanbul, ERC Türkei. The main markets of AEbt Group are in the German-speaking countries: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

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