Network Rail Awards CP6 Signalling Contracts

UK: Infrastructure manager Network Rail has awarded CP6 signalling contracts worth several billion GBP to make the rail network more reliable.

The signalling contracts will be delivered over the course of Control Period 6, Network Rail’s current five-year budget cycle. The works will improve the reliability of the signalling systems and hopefully allow more trains to run.

In total Network Rail has issued five framework contracts with a total value of around 2.4 billion GBP (2.8 billion euros | 3.1 billion USD) for Control Period 6, which will run until 2024. Furthermore, they contain options to extend for the first two years of Control Period 7 (CP7), i.e. until 2026, bringing the total contract values up to 3.6 billion GBP (4.25 billion euros | 4.65 billion USD). By improving the reliability of the signalling equipment, train delays will be reduced while capacity for both passenger and freight rail will go up.


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