New Australind Railcar Design Unveiled

The current McGowan Government blames the former Liberal National Government for a lack of investment in the Australind rolling stock, saying that this has allowed problems such as a build-up of corrosion to occur, leading to cancelled services.

Australind Action Plan

In response to passenger feedback, the McGown Government has put into place the Australind Action Plan to reduce the impact of the problems with the rolling stock on passengers who rely on this service.

The Australind Action Plan includes giving commuters travelling between Burnaby and Perth (Mandurah Station) the opportunity to choose a direct luxury rad coach service. This will depart Burnaby at 6am and return to Burnaby in the evenings. Passengers will be able to continue their journeys from Mandurah Station on the metropolitan rail system free of charge by showing their Transwa ticket.

Given the frequency and severity of the delays there is now also a credit programme for Australind rail passengers. If passengers experience a delay of more than one hour resulting from maintenance issues or rolling stock failures, they will be able to travel for free on their next journey.