Hitachi to Build New Intercity Trains for Avanti West Coast

Hitachi Rail will base its design on Japanese bullet-train technology. They will travel at 125mph (200km/h) and will be quieter than the diesel-only trains they are replacing. Passengers will enjoy the more reliable wifi as well as the wireless at-seat charging facility. There will also be plug sockets and USB slots. The real-time passenger information system will let passengers know about connecting rail services.

Hitachi Intercity Capacity

The 7-car trains will have 453 seats, and the 5-car trains will have 301 seats. To compare, the Class 221 Bombardier Voyager trains these new intercity trains are replacing have 258 seats. Hitachi says its 7-car electric train exhibits a similar seating capacity to a 9-car Class 390 Alstom Pendolino because Hitachi carriages are 26m longer.


The diesel engines in the bi-mode trains are cleaner and more efficient than the rolling stock they are replacing. For example, they will emit 90 percent less particulate matter and 60 percent less nitrogen oxide (NOx). Given the large amount of non-electrified lines in the UK, bi-mode technology is a good stepping stone towards reducing the carbon footprint in the transport sector. The bi-mode trains will run on electric power whenever overhead catenaries are available. As a result, Hitachi expects the carbon dioxide emissions to be reduced by roughly two thirds across the franchise. One major air quality concern has always been in stations. The new fleet will improve air quality within stations such as Birmingham New Street and Glasgow Central.