First Alstom Citadis Tram for Île-de-France T9 Line Inaugurated

Île-de-France selected Alstom to supply 22 Citadis X05 trams in November 2016. Alstom has designed and manufactured the trams, which will enter service in December 2020, at its La Rochelle site. Delivery of the Citadis trams started in November 2019 and will continue until October 2020, in time for the line’s opening.

Alstom Citadis X05 Tram for Île-de-France T9 Line

Each tram will be 45m long, with a maximum capacity of 314 passengers. The tram will have eight double doors on each side with an open, spacious interior to optimise efficient passenger flow. Alstom says the passenger exchange rate of this tram is 20 percent higher. Alstom and the agency Design Saguez & Partners have worked closely on the look of the tram. 45 percent of its surface is made of glass, while 100 percent of the lighting is LED. The lighting design is intended to make it easier for passengers to see the doors opening and closing.

Additional features for passengers include the eight extra-wide multimedia screens that will display the route map and the tram’s location, and USB sockets.

Alstom has managed to improve the tram’s energy efficiency. For example, it has achieved a 25 percent reduction in energy consumption with the lighting system and a 15 percent reduction in energy consumption with the air-conditioning system. Alstom says it has also managed to cut the overall cost of preventive maintenance by almost a fifth. 99 percent of the materials in the trams are recoverable.