The United Kingdom’s Railway Improvements for 2020

Railway Improvements: Infrastructure

  • 120 million GBP to complete the redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street Station and to begin the redevelopment of Aberdeen Station in Scotland
  • Wolverhampton Interchange will open as part of a 150 million GBP transport hub in the Midlands
  • 27 million GBP will be invested in route upgrades in East Anglia, which will allow for longer passenger trains and a greater number of freight trains to run to the port of Felixstowe
  • 80 million GBP investment in upgrading the sea wall at Dawlish in the South West
  • 150 million GBP upgrade of Gatwick Airport station

The original rail industry plan was published in 2017. Since then, 2,500 new carriages have already entered service with more than 4,000 additional weekly services. Since that time, train operating companies have made further commitments. As a result, there will be more than 11,300 extra trains per week by the mid-2020s. This is equivalent to an overall increase of nearly 10 percent.