Quick-Change Window Systems From HÜBNER Group

Window Replacement in Less Than 20 Minutes Putting an End to Costly Downtimes

Windows are often the target of vandalism in trains and buses. When repairing such damages, time is money. Quick-change window systems from the HÜBNER Group based in Kassel, Germany, help to keep these costs to a minimum.

Whether damages have come from deliberate vandalism, an accident or simply wear and tear, damaged window panes in railway vehicles and buses are bad for a vehicle’s appearance and also need to be replaced quickly for safety reasons. For transit companies, there can be a doubling up of expenses when long downtimes in the workshop are added to the material costs of the replacement. Here the quick-change window systems from the HÜBNER Group offer an attractive alternative. They can be exchanged in less than 20 minutes – by just one person working alone.
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